Content Type Reference

Content types have many different options for completely customizing how content is displayed within Fridge.

Display Options

Sort Method

Control the default way content is sorted.

  • Date - Content is sorted using its created date.
  • Manual - Content is sorted manually. Use the drag toggle to reorder content.
  • Hierarchy - Content is organized into a tree. Use the drag toggle to organize.

Sort Order

Change the direction of the sorted content. If using Manual or Hierarchy sort methods, the sort order should be Ascending.


The display layout controls how the content should be displayed in Fridge's dashboard.

  • Default - A standard layout displaying content in rows.
  • Card - Grid based layout using cards to display content. Great for displaying images.
  • Table - Data focused layout that supports showing multiple columns of data for each row of content.
  • Tree - Organizes content into a tree hierarchy using the default layout. This layout is required when using the Hierarchy sort method.


If using a display layout that supports showing multiple fields, you can pick and choose which fields will be displayed.


Control how many columns are used in the grid when viewing the content edit screen.

API Options

API Access

If this option is checked, this content will be available through the API using the publishable key. All content is entirely accessible when using the secret key.

Public Access

If checked content of this type will be able to be created using the public API endpoint. See Public Content Creation in the API reference for more information.

Notify on creation

Have Fridge optionally send an email notification when content is created using the public API endpoint. This works perfectly when creating contact forms or user-based submissions.