Fridge. Real content management.

A robust API and intuitive dashboard for any kind of content.

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Fridge originated out of a need to provide true content management for everyone that made no assumptions. Developer friendly environment meets user focused intuitive UI.

Content API

Your content, anywhere

Fridge delivers a robust RESTful API making it accessible in several languages.

Complete user management

Create, manage, and authenticate users in any app you create.

Not just websites

By focusing on content rather than a website, you can use Fridge to power any project. Apps, menus, calendars, etc.


Integrate with other services by hooking into any content change.

Powerful Dashboard

Easily create any type of content.

Don't settle. Your content should be structured your way, not by the constraints of a CMS. A long list of flexible and modular content types allow you to compose even the most complex content.

Customizable interface

Make your dashboard your way with a wide range of customizable display options.

Fine-grained permissions

Create and define custom permission sets that meet your specific needs.

Client friendly

Powerful doesn’t have to be complicated. Fridge’s dashboard is easy to use for your clients and customers as well.

No Nonsense Pricing


Free1 month
  • 1 Fridge
  • 5 Content Types
  • 30-day trial


$7per month
  • 1 Fridge
  • 10 Content Types
  • 2 User Roles


$22per month
  • 3 Fridges
  • 25 Content Types
  • 10 User Roles


$37per month
  • 5 Fridges
  • Unlimited Content Types
  • Unlimited User Roles