Welcome to Fridge! Here will you find everything you need to understand Fridge and get started using it.

What is Fridge?

Fridge is a CMS platform that is designed for any kind of content. Content is configured and managed using Fridge's content application, and content is pulled down through the Fridge API and into various kinds of applications such as websites and mobile applications.


Fridge makes no assumptions about what kind of content you might be creating. For this reason, when creating a new Fridge the different content structures must be defined before content can be created. Fridge organizes all of its content into Content Types. Each content type describes its content with Parts. When you create a new Content entry for a content type, each part is assigned a value. Here's a diagram to help explain:

Fridge Content Diagram

Getting Started

It's easy to go from zero to a fully customized Fridge in just a few steps:

  1. Create content types you need
  2. Add content
  3. Use the Fridge API to pull content into your projects

Have a look at our Getting Started guide for more information.

Need Help?

We're always happy to help out with code or answer any questions you might have.