Static Sites

If using Fridge with static sites, it is critical that the site is recompiled when content changes. Fridge webhooks makes this task easy with the help of a small build server appliance.


When content changes in Fridge, a webhook event will be sent to any resources added. Using these events, a small application can receive the event, re-build the static site, and deploy it all in one go.

Build Servers

There are so many different ways to build and deploy static sites. It depends on the static site library as well as where the site is being deployed to. There are many different services that make it easy to build and deploy static sites.

Fridge is working to add more build/deploy integrations and truly make static sites dynamic.

Jekyll Build

Fridge provides a small Docker image that can be deployed to respond to webhook events, build a Jekyll site, and deploy it. Jekyll build currently supports deploying static sites to Amazon S3,, and rsync, but will be adding more along the way.

Get the image using Docker:

$ docker pull ripeworks/jekyll-build:latest

View the source on Github


Netlify can automatically build and deploy Jekyll sites without any additional technology.